Planning a disco birthday party or other small celebrations at home?

Rent from us, easy to install home disco lights, to create a disco atmosphere just right!

Home Disco Light Set includes:

+ 2 pieces of LED spot light (PAR 56 RGB)
+ Radiative LED light(look for the video below)
+ Red police light LED beacon Police ligth
+ hanging mirror ball

Rental 45 € / 2 days.

Home Disco light set is perfect for small gatherings and home use.

Disco lights do not have to be suspended all the time, but they can also be placed either on shelves or on the floor. Only the disco ball has to be hung from s-hook.
All disco lights are based on LED technology, are lightweight and they do not heat-up, so they are safe for home use.

Disco Lights are easy to install and they can run fully automatically. LED spots change color according to either music or an adjustable speed. A fixed desired color tone can also be set.

We've also got disco curtains, glow sticks and other decoration stuffs.

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LED light effect LED color tubes

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