We can also inflate your own balloons at a different price range.

Helium inflation of a rubber balloon depends on the diameter of the balloon.

Normal rubber baloon 30 cm  (1 unit of helium) 1,95 €
Giant rubber balloon 60 cm       (7,6 unit of helium) 14,50 €
Giant rubber balloon 90 cm      (25,3 unit of helium) 45

Helium inflationof a foil balloon depends on the weight of the balloon.

Folil balloons of weight 8 g (small 45 cm balloons) 4 €
Folil balloons of weight 16 g (special shaped balloons) 8 €
Folil balloons of weight 24 g (giant balloons) 12 €
Folil balloons of weight 32 g 16 €

Prices include the balloon, helium filling, twine and weight holder.



You can order helium inflated balloons for wedding, birthday party, special occasion and any other event from us.

The rubber balloons sold by us are made of natural rubber and are 100% decomposable. Rubber balloons take the same amount of time to decompose as an oak leaf does.

Hiphurraa’s rubber balloon color range includes more than 20 different shades.

Helium-filled rubber balloons remain in the air for about 15 hours and foil balloons remain for several days or even weeks. 

Inflated balloons
Price includes the balloon, helium filling, twine and the weight holder.
  2,00/ kpl 
Empty balloons   0,50/ kpl 

You can find our wide range of foil balloons in the below link:


You can order the balloons through the below link:

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Inflated balloons can be fetched from Metsokangas. 

We also deliver more than 50 pieces of inflated balloons directly to parties and events or we can also inflate the balloons on the spot (Ask for more available offer).


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